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Welcome to our website, where you can see our up to date catalogue.

We make replicas of swords, rapiers, sabres, pallasches and cannons. The „matter of our heart“ is mainly the 18th Century. We also specialize in a whole range of hunting daggers and knives for huntsmen.

Our aim is to produce replicas of original swords, thus our swords also have characteristics similar to originals. Blades are forged and hardened around 53 HRc. Our swords can be used for e.g. reenactment or historical fencing.

To do this we visit historical museums, exhibitions and personal collectors all over Europe, we  study  existing originals and specialized literature.

Our weapons are hand-made by traditional techniques, each piece is an original one. We make mostly historical replicas - and other pieces upon customers wishes.

Our blades are forged from high quality spring steel, hardener and tempered for durability in order to be used for fencing, reenactment fighting, etc. (our blades are usually blunt / Stage Combat).

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examples of our swords



NEWS: English Basket Hilt sword - Claude Blair's collection


Michal Spilka -Sword cutler